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    5 Style Tips From a Nigerian Mom to Her Daughter

    Vintage Mommy

    Vintage image of my mom in her 20’s

    Growing up, I didn’t care too much about style, hair or anything super girly. My attitude was a nuisance to my very feminine mom. I would forget to put on my earrings, or chose to wear pants over a skirt, or preferred to wear baby powder over scented body sprays. One time, I remembered being so bored during one of my mom’s weekend shopping excursions at Bloomingdales, that I stood in the middle of the Eileen Fisher department and started dancing to the music piped through the intercom at my mother’s dismay just cajole her to leave. The only mission I accomplished was a sharp stare and a verbal warning of punishment when I got home.

    Years later, I became that feminine woman. A woman inspired by my mom. I eventually worked at the same Bloomingdales as a Visual Merchandising Intern in the Marketing Department. It’s funny where life takes us; depending on the seeds that were sown. Watching my mom cultivate her signature style over the years gave me a blueprint for my own.

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    How To Find Frame Perfection


    Natural Hair and Eyeglasses Look

    Photo via: Madeinsheba. I love how she has perfected her eyeglasses game!

    I am an avid eyeglasses wearer. Even though, I would prefer to pop in some contacts more often, my constant rushed morning schedule prevents this from happening more often than not. The eyeglasses I currently wear are cute and classic, but I am in the process of revamping my style and with that comes a new pair of frames. I have been searching high and low (online shopping can be that exhausting…lol) for the perfect frames for my style and face shape. I have even gone, as far as, stopping people in public with cute frames to ask where they shopped for their frames. It’s that deep. In the process of my search, here are a few of my top picks.  What do you think?

    Perfect Eyeglasses for Face

    Photos via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

    Finding cute frames are only half the battle.  In order to perfect the look, I have to find frames that compliment my face shape as well. Having an oval face is a blessing! I discovered that oval faces can wear most frame shapes, but oversized frames are a no-no. I used this face shape guide to help me narrow down my options. In addition, this LensCrafters quiz was fun to take. It merges your personal style and face shape to recommend frames. I’m leaning towards cateye frames that are a perfect mix of vintage nostalgia and sophistication.

    Best Eyeglasses for Your Face

    Photo via: UPMC

    Have you been searching for new frames? Which style do you like best?



    Spring/Summer Flats

    Every Spring, like many I’m sure, I have the desire to purge my closet and start fresh.  I tend to start rebuilding my wardrobe with shoes, because I believe it’s the foundation of an ensemble. Have you ever had a cute outfit planned, but realized you didn’t have the right shoe to match, which changed the outfit direction completely? My point exactly. So, even when I buy shoes, I tend to gravitate to more neutral and metallic colors that can compliment different outfit choices. Besides, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m more of a barefoot on freshly cut grass type of girl. Sometimes, shoes can be restrictive and slow me down (i.e. heels). Therefore, I search out shoes that are cute, neutral and comfortable.

    Summer/Spring Flats


    1. Woven D’orsay Flats

    2. Classic Stripe Sandals

    3. Ivy Slip-On Sneakers

    4. Calf Hair Flats

    5. Mirror Metallic D’orsay Loafer

    6. Ankle Strap Flats