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    Bridal Shower Inspiration: Sweets Shoppe

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    This super sweet bridal shower theme has me searching for almond milk to wash down the sugar. I love elevated child themes. Typically, this theme would be cute for a baby shower or kid’s birthday, but add some macaroons, cotton candy topped champagne and an effortless cake, you have a sophisticated version of your childhood dreams. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in a Sweets Shoppe? For added fun, DIY an ice cream piñata and fill with department store cosmetics samples. Your friends will thank you for it.

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    How to Plan an Amesome Theme Party

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    Planning a run-of-the-mill cheese and crackers party is one thing, but a tropical glam bridal shower or a Coney Island inspired backyard shindig is totally another thing.  I love theme parties, because I can push the envelope with even the smallest details.  For a tropical themed party, instead of placing floral arrangements in a typical glass vase for the guest tables, a vase made out of carved pineapples, is not only awesome, but it fits into a cohesive theme and it adds an element of texture.  For a vintage candy themed party, instead of just blowing up a picture of the celebrant and placing it on an easel, create DIY candy art made out of gumballs on a large foam board. You can then prop it on an easel and let that be your showpiece to welcome guest.  See? Having a theme allows you to get really creative and push the envelope. Here are some tips to help you get started.

    1. Figure Out the Logistics

    Determine the date, time and location of your event.  The season of the year, location of the event, and time can all influence what type of theme you should have. If you’re using an ultra-modern space with a minimalist vibe, it may be a bit more challenging to pull off a Marie Antoinette themed bridal shower for your best friend.  You would have to add more elements to make the space feel like another era. On the other hand, if you are thinking about planning a garden tea party in the middle of April, it may not be the best time because the weather is unpredictable and rain may disrupt your pinkies-up Earl Grey tea session. So, the logistics is very important.

    2.  Set a Budget

    Now that you have handled logistics, it’s time to set a budget. Your budget is one of the most important factors for planning. It sets the perimeters for what you can and can not spend. Do you have enough money for the soda making machine for your signature drinks or do you need to take a trip to Costco? Do you have enough money for letterpress invitations or are you going to be a Canon printer master? Your budget sets the vision for your party. Without vision your party perishes.

    3. Choose a Theme

    Stalk Pinterest for a couple of hours to get inspiration (a regular occurrence for me so don’t feel ashamed to search every moment you get) and look up Youtube videos on how to DIY decor that relates to your theme. Consider design elements like shapes, concepts, moods, animals, sports, your favorite saying, anything can become inspiration for a theme. Don’t forget to choose a color palette, as well. You should have about three or four colors that you can use throughout the party, that would create a strong palette.  For inspiration, search sites like Design Seeds. Along with your different textures (sequin, lace, burlap, gingham, etc. ) and other defining elements, the party will begin to create a cohesive theme.

    4. Get Crazy with the Details

    This is your time to shiiinnneee! Break out the glue gun and spray paint, it’s time to flex your creative muscles. Now that you have a sense of the theme and vision, it’s time to implement it by choosing linens that coordinate with the color palette, centerpieces that flow with your theme, decor that is unique to the space and vibe you want to establish, and so forth.  Be creative and look for DIY inspiration at the thrift store, flea markets, etc. if you can’t afford to spend money on purchasing an element out right.  The key is to be consistent with the design, color palettes, food selections, and any elements that will make your party…AWESOME!

    What type of parties are you planning this Summer?