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    Why We Refuse To Speak Yoruba


    Beautiful people, I have a confession to make.

    The obvious is that I can’t speak Yoruba. Now, the occasional trendy pidgin phrases like “Ko le work” and “Naija no dey carry last” has slipped out of my mouth a few times, along with the basics like “Ekaaro” and “Omi” to name a few. But when I need to reply in Yoruba to the JJC (Johnny Just Come) who is wittily trying to test my Yoruba aptitude for baseless comparisons, I freeze up and the words get stuck in my throat. I mean, I can understand what they’re saying, for the most part, except that Ondo dialect that no one really understands except Ondonites, but to give an eloquent reply like a learned Nigerian is a challenge.

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    First Gen: A Show About Growing Up Nigerian-American & Its Hilarity

    Lately, TV has really gotten in touch with its culture.  Shows like Jane the Virgin and Fresh off the Boat, a show I have written about before here, have made TV watching more relatable for first-generation folks like me.

    So, when my friend, Charlise Ferguson, told me she was conducting an interview for The Daily Beast featuring Yvonne Oriji, the creator of an up-and-coming show, First Gen, a sitcom about growing up Nigerian-American, I was ex.cit.ed to share the news and trailer. I felt a sense of Naija pride for a fellow Nigerian-American that chose to take a path less travelled, opting to become a comedian instead of personifying a Grey’s Anatomy episode. The juiciest treat was that she decided to create a show that peered into the colorful lives of African immigrants as they navigate their version of the “American Dream.”

    That interview was enough for me to jump on board, but when my cousin, Jumoke Dada, told me she also conducted an interview featuring Yvonne Oriji for Face 2 Face Africa , I decided that instead of just adding my own two sense about the show, it was better to just show some love and share the two already amazing interviews. Enough said.

    1) The Daily Beast Interview

    2) Face 2 Face Africa Interview

    What do you think about the trailer?