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    How Nigerian Style is Winning Over Vogue Magazine

    Oluchi Vogue

    Image via: BFA

    Recently, my friend alerted me to an article on titled, “Nigeria vs. New York: Supermodel Oluchi Weighs In on the Latest Global Style Debate.” I smiled because a few days ago, I was reading an article about Parisian vs. American style and I was thinking,” What about the Nigerian style?” The debate has always been Parisian vs. American, but I love that the global style debate is seriously incorporating Nigeria. It also doesn’t hurt that Vogue is endorsing the long overdue debate.

    The article features an interview with Oluchi, the host of Africa’s Next Top Model and a former Victoria Secret model. She talks about how her Nigerian culture influenced her style while living in the States and vice versa. American culture also helped to influence her relax sophisticated style. Essentially, both cultures played a role in her signature style. This article is a good read, because like me, I’m sure others can relate to being influenced by both. Just the other day, I wore an A-line ankara skirt with an H&M blouse to work. My skirt became a conversation piece and an educating moment. Mixing my styles has definitely made my wardrobe and the conversations around it more interesting. Check out the article here.