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    How To Transition Out Of A Nigerian Approved Career

    How To Transition Out Of A Nigerian Approved Career

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    Beautiful people, I have struggled with this career issue for years. When I was younger, my mom asked me what I wanted to become, I told her Janet Jackson’s backup dancer. After she stared at me for a few minutes, she told me, “I didn’t come all the way from Nigeria for my child to aspire to dance behind someone, you don’t even want to dance in front of the person, you want to dance behind.” It was at that moment that my interest in entertainment appeared bleak. So when I entered high school and started seriously looking into my career path, I started to focus on Nigerian approved careers. The ones that Nigerian parents strongly encourage their children to become: doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, engineer, nurse, accountant and any variation of such. These are the quintessential careers that allow our parents to brag and believe that their migration to the States was worth it just because of the “Title.” I wanted a career I could grow to “like,” while also pleasing my parents. I finally decided on Law, after Advertising was shut down too.

    However, times are changing. Values are shifting and professional school loans can be drowning. These days there are more options and need I say better options for career choices that would not only pay us a higher salary (hello Chief Technology Officer at a Startup), but also have potential to be more fulfilling.

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    Legally Fabulous Pilot

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    When my super ambitious friend, Jehan, told me that she was working on a docudrama, Legally Fabulous, following attorneys with alternative passions and pursuits, I smiled because she’s always pushing the envelope with her dreams of being a TV producer and that’s what I love about her.  But when she asked me to be apart of it…I hesitated. “You want me to be on a reality show?” NOT HAP.PEN.ING.  As much as, I have so many goals and pursuits and want to make my mark on the world, I’m a pretty private person.  I like to let my accomplishments speak for themselves. I’m very particular about the message I present to people, especially being a child of God and knowing that I represent a higher calling not just my own ambitions.  But after Jehan educated me on the differences between reality tv and a docudrama, mainly the former is scripted and the latter follows people as life happens (sans ratchetness), I was on board.

    I would have to say that the process was pretty fun.  I had to get used to a camera being in my face while I was working and scheduling my time so they could film, but it was good practice (I secretly want to be a talk show host one day).  I was among incredibly talented cast members who are also about making a mark on this world, which was encouraging and inspiring.  Jehan, Mariessa, Chelsey and Myself are all bona fide attorneys with unique gifts and aspirations.

    The character I portray is an attorney at a crossroads.  I have been battling with career satisfaction for a while now and decided to start transitioning out of the practice law.  The pilot shows clips of me working with Taylor & Hov, the event planning and design team I work for as a Creative Assistant.  The pilot is split into 3 episodes and can be viewed on  #legallyfab starting February 1st @ 7:30pm and than every Sunday at 7:30pm for the next two Sundays.  The trailer is a sneak peek of what’s to come.