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    Bridal Shower Inspiration: African Palm Springs

    African Palm Springs Inspiration

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    There is something so dramatic yet elegant about both Monstera and Palm leaves. They make a statement without having to tell you. A handful is all you need to set the tone for a tropical affair. Like a Palm Springs themed shower that is bright, refreshing and effortless. But coupled with African influences, Palm Springs is elevated with bold ankara patterns, gilded animals and earthy tones creating a beautiful juxtaposition between airy yet rich.

    African Palm Springs Tablescape

    1. Bronze Seating
    2. Continental Menu
    3. Royal Glassware
    4. Lush Palm Centerpieces (here & here)
    5. Safari Place Cards
    6. Earthen Serveware
    7. Ankara Napkins

    Anthropologie Roundup

    Final Anthropologie Roundup (1)

    Anthropologie has been one of my all-time favorite retail stores for the longest. There is something about its culturally-inspired feminine wanderlust aesthetic that seems soooo… dreamy to me. Lucky for me, I work near one, so, sometimes, I love to walk around in the store to soak up inspiration. Browsing through the color-saturated coffee table books, exploring the houseware knick-knacks and trying on pencil skirts and palazzo pants in worldly patterns and tones, makes Anthropologie an instant pick-me-up after a long work day.  I constantly see pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe, my kitchen, my desk…basically, my life.  Here’s a few items on my wishlist.

    1.  Clementina Pencil Skirt.  This patterned skirt caught my eye, because it resembles Ankara, West-African fabric. The classic shape of the pencil skirt streamlines this bold print making it wearable for both work and play.

    2.  Amapa Jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are my favorite clothing item to wear, because it epitomizes effortless style. This one is simple and elegant.  It can be worn on vacay to South Africa or a summer showing of “Love, Actually.”

    3.  Gleaming Isla Candle. These candles are so whimsical and elegant at the same time. Who doesn’t love a golden pineapple candle? I love burning candles when I’m working or reading to relax the atmosphere. Not only would this scent the air, but it’s pretty to look at too.

    4.  A Change of Appetite Cookbook.  Once upon a time, I was a pescatarian.  At first, it was difficult to create meal options that didn’t just include baked fish and steamed vegetables. This book would have been a great resource to have then and even now. Even though I incorporated meat into my diet again, the health benefits of increasing my vegetable, grain and fish intake were pretty great.  This book would help me with my quest in cleaner and oh so tasty eating.

    5. Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection Candle. Ok, another candle. Can you tell I love candles? But this one has a pretty ombre effect.  This can become a pretty pen holder when the candle burns out.  A two-for-one.

    6. Pearl Eclipse Ring. Gold & Pearls = Perfection. Enough said.