Spring/Summer Flats

Every Spring, like many I’m sure, I have the desire to purge my closet and start fresh.  I tend to start rebuilding my wardrobe with shoes, because I believe it’s the foundation of an ensemble. Have you ever had a cute outfit planned, but realized you didn’t have the right shoe to match, which changed the outfit direction completely? My point exactly. So, even when I buy shoes, I tend to gravitate to more neutral and metallic colors that can compliment different outfit choices. Besides, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m more of a barefoot on freshly cut grass type of girl. Sometimes, shoes can be restrictive and slow me down (i.e. heels). Therefore, I search out shoes that are cute, neutral and comfortable.

Summer/Spring Flats


1. Woven D’orsay Flats

2. Classic Stripe Sandals

3. Ivy Slip-On Sneakers

4. Calf Hair Flats

5. Mirror Metallic D’orsay Loafer

6. Ankle Strap Flats

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