So You Want To Go Natural, Huh?

So You Want To Go Natural Quiz

I’ve been natural, meaning without a relaxer, for four years now and it has been a journey.  From transitioning for 7 months, to big chopping (unintentionally…the hairstylist was suppose to just cut where my two textures met, but she insisted on styling it and gave me a slight mohawk…my 7 months of transitioning landed on the floor) to TWAs to shoulder length to split ends to bad trims. Yeah, it’s been a journey. But all in all, I can’t see myself ever getting a relaxer again.  I love my coils! I love running my fingers along the spirals and watching it grow full and thick. I also love the compliments that I get on my 2nd day twist-out or my fancy updos or my I-need-to-wash-my-hair pin and tucks.

Sometimes, people ask me how did I go natural, what products do I use, and how can they get their hair like mine.  I try to guide them to all the resources that I used while I was transitioning and learning. I also try to show them some techniques.  But honestly, being a successful natural really starts from your mindset, like every other accomplishment.  My hair can be high maintenance sometimes, and it reacts badly when I’m not giving it the TLC that it needs. But I’ve learned to give it the attention that it needs to get the results that I want.  Some people aren’t ready for that and that’s fine.  Not everyone’s beauty brand is their hair (more on that concept later).

So, for those of you who are still interested in going natural, I created this infographic mini quiz to get you thinking about natural hair practices and whether it’s the right choice for you. Below I linked the bloggers & vloggers I used as resources for my natural hair journey.

Read More. Learn More. Grow More :

1. Curly Nikki

2. KisforKinky

3. Moptop Maven   (Even though the site is no longer active it still has great information on it)

4. NaturallyCurly

5. Naptural85

6. FusionofCultures

7. Nikkimae2003

8. MeechyMonroe & MsVaughnTV    (Sisters)

What are your favorite natural hair bloggers or vloggers?

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