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When my super ambitious friend, Jehan, told me that she was working on a docudrama, Legally Fabulous, following attorneys with alternative passions and pursuits, I smiled because she’s always pushing the envelope with her dreams of being a TV producer and that’s what I love about her.  But when she asked me to be apart of it…I hesitated. “You want me to be on a reality show?” NOT HAP.PEN.ING.  As much as, I have so many goals and pursuits and want to make my mark on the world, I’m a pretty private person.  I like to let my accomplishments speak for themselves. I’m very particular about the message I present to people, especially being a child of God and knowing that I represent a higher calling not just my own ambitions.  But after Jehan educated me on the differences between reality tv and a docudrama, mainly the former is scripted and the latter follows people as life happens (sans ratchetness), I was on board.

I would have to say that the process was pretty fun.  I had to get used to a camera being in my face while I was working and scheduling my time so they could film, but it was good practice (I secretly want to be a talk show host one day).  I was among incredibly talented cast members who are also about making a mark on this world, which was encouraging and inspiring.  Jehan, Mariessa, Chelsey and Myself are all bona fide attorneys with unique gifts and aspirations.

The character I portray is an attorney at a crossroads.  I have been battling with career satisfaction for a while now and decided to start transitioning out of the practice law.  The pilot shows clips of me working with Taylor & Hov, the event planning and design team I work for as a Creative Assistant.  The pilot is split into 3 episodes and can be viewed on  #legallyfab starting February 1st @ 7:30pm and than every Sunday at 7:30pm for the next two Sundays.  The trailer is a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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