iPhone 6 Dress-up Cases

Do you remember playing with paper dolls and having the ability to change their outfits multiple times in a day if you wanted to? Wait…was I the only one who used to play with paper dolls? Barbie was expensive. LOL. Anyways, now that I’m older, I like to dress-up still, but sometimes, there’s nowhere to go.

So, lately, I’m fixed on dressing inanimate objects again, but this time it’s my iPhone. Sometimes, a phone case can be an extension of ones personality.  I’m searching for a sophisticated and elegant inspired case, because that’s how I’m feeling these days, or aspiring to be at least. My last case was a silicone elephant. Hey, I was feeling playful. At least that’s what I kept telling people who stared. But, these cases are a step up.

The problem is, I still have an iPhone 5s and most of the cute sophisticated dressy cases are for the iPhone 6.  So, I may end up just making a case, which calls for a DIY post in the future. In the meantime, I decided to share my discoveries for those who may be in need of a new case. So, here’s a dressy case round-up for the iPhone 6 possessors. Dressy phone case inspiration…at your service.

Iphone Round-up

1. Decolife For those looking for architectural interest. $35

2. Dahlia For the romantic types. $35

3. Really Mermaid For those who watched the Great Gatsby movie at least three times and counting. $35

4. Portrait Illustration For the kinky/coily hair beauties. $35

5. Glimmerscale  For the glamorous types who don’t shy away from sequins. $38

6. Vintage Retro Majestic Radio For the thrift store connoisseur who thrives off of a good vintage find.  $35

7. Muted Floral Watercolor  For the aspiring artist who’s mastered watercolor design. $35

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