How To Avoid Bella Naija Weddings Envy

Nere & Segun BCG Wedding

Photo Via: BCG Events

Beautiful people. When you work hard for something and you begin to see the fruition of your labor, it’s a good feeling. One of my goals for this year, was to expand my platform. I wanted to start contributing to other platforms to extend the knowledge and information I express here to others who may not already be in my network. I’ve done that by contributing to STYLVO, a lifestyle, beauty and fashion content platform for African millennials. What I didn’t perceive, so soon at least, was that my post would be featured on one of the highest rated Nigerian blogs, Bella Naija. This small victory is a testament to those that are working hard behind the scenes waiting for your work to be validated. I say, keep working, soon the seeds that you are sowing will yield bountiful fruit.

Here is the intro to my published post.

Ladies, we’ve all been there, at least I admit I have, you find yourself on Bella Naija Weddings scrolling through the highlights of some senator’s daughter’s wedding or some celebrity wedding for what you thought was 15 minutes, but in actuality, it was an hour. You sit and scroll, sit and scroll. Gliding the mouse over one hyperlink to another,  jumping from one wedding gallery to the next wishing you were the bride that was the center of attention for this grand over-the-top affair. However, the bride is not you and the modest Tunde that proposed to you (or that you want to propose) refuses to use his yearly salary on a wedding.  So, what do you do? Wish that you were marrying a wealth guy? Wish that you came from a wealthy family? Wish that you were someone else than your fabulous self? Don’t let envy rob you of who you are and where you are going. Here are some helpful tips to staying focused on your relationship and avoiding envy.

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