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    7 African Resorts That Will Make Europe Swoon

    It’s vacation season, and I’ve already started using my passport this. Nigeria was my first stop. Actually, I’ve been going back to Nigeria often lately. Peruse my previous posts here and here. To some, Nigeria isn’t a vacation spot at the top of their list, but it has a lot to offer if we open our minds to it. Not only Nigeria, but the massive African continent is an understated vacation haven. Instead of mapping out your next European excursive, think outside the typical vacation box and travel to a place that isn’t far from your ancestral backyard.

    1. Constance Ephelia Resort in Seychelles

    Constance Ephelia Hotel | Gidi & Pearls

    You may not have heard of Seychelles, or even have known that it’s a part of the African Union, but Prince William fancied it. Seychelles was the honeymoon destination for the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge, and it can be yours too. I’ve been eyeing Seychelles even before it became a celebrity hotspot for its beautiful blue waters and lush green scenery right off the east coast of Africa.

    Placed on the Mahé Island, the Constance Ephelia boasts of elegant beaches with private villas and sophisticated waves to match. This luxury resort will surely give you some R&R time.

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    Tastemakers Africa App Is A Must Have For African Travel

    Screenshot of Tastemakers Africa Homepage

    Screenshot of Tastemakers Africa’s Homepage

    Tastemakers Africa is a blog dedicated to helping wanderlusts interested in an uncommon experience, travel Africa skipping mediocrity.  The site highlights the trendiest hotels, restaurants, social scenes and gorge resorts in cities like Lagos, Accura and Johannesburg, just to name a few. As if this popular site was not enough for exotic travelers, Tastemakers Africa is launching an app. This will help even the savviest traveler navigate Africa with their finger tips. For all the techies that can’t wait for the full app launch, you can request to try the beta version here.

    So what do you think about this app?