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    5 Unconventional Flower Companies for Valentine’s Day

    The Bouqs Co.

    Image Via: BloomThat

    Delivered flowers are one of the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift to get. However, how many times have you given or received flowers that looked half-dead and limp on arrival? Or the color was a bright as pictured or the arrangement not as full? from one of the big brand stores. There are some new flower companies that are making their mission to woo consumers back to buying flowers online by delivering fresh farm-direct flowers at reasonable prices. So instead of ProFlowers or a similar variety try these options:

    1. The Bouqs Company

    The Bouq Co.


    The Bouqs. Company delivers their flowers direct from the farm, which means you get your arrangements within 2-4 days instead of 10-14 days like big retailers. Each arrangement can be purchased from 3 categories, the Original, Deluxe or Grand depending on the amount of stems. For a bonus, the blooms are delivered in craft paper instead of generic vases, which is a welcomed change from the conventional norm on Valentine’s Day.

    2. Flower Muse

    Flower MuseThe Flower Muse is great for the lover of premium blooms. It features premium farm direct garden roses and peony arrangements and has a wedding flowers section where you can choose flowers based on the season. An added bonus is the free delivery on any order.

    3. Farmgirl Flowers

    Farmgirl Flowers


    Farmgirl Flowers originally just shipped within San Francisco, now it ships nationwide for those who love more organic arrangements. These arrangements come wrapped in burlap and gives greenery some attention, as well as, the blooms. For Valentine’s Day, they are including a gift box full of not-your-standard-candy treats.

    4. BloomThat



    BloomThat is another newbie to the flower scene. Dubbed the “Uber of Flowers,” ordering flowers from them is as easy as a swipe and 3 taps on their app that gets fresh flowers delivered to you fast.  They have a variety of arrangements at very affordable prices.

    5. BloomNation



    Instead of one single company ships amazing floral arrangements, BloomNation helps you choose from various florist within your location based on their arrangements that are pictured.  It highlights many different design styles and blooms, so you don’t have to get stuck with the standard rose for Valentine’s Day.

    Do you like to get flowers in the mail?


    3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

    If you’re like me, you might feel like Thanksgiving kinda snuck up on you, because you’ve been so busy. Don’t fret. If you want to have an elegant tablescape to complement your turkey while making your guests swoon, get inspired by these three ideas.

    Thanksgiving Feathers

    Image Via: Popsugar

    Feather Decor

    For a quick and easy tablescape, pick up some feathers from your local craft store and arrange them in pretty vases for a simple elegant look.

    Gold Leaf Decor

    Don’t let all that pretty foliage in your backyard go to waste. Grab some metallic spray paint of your choice and spray paint the leaves to make pretty place cards for your guests.

    Thanksgiving Pumpkins

    Image Via: Tone on Tone

    White Pumpkin Decor

    Buy either fresh pumpkins from your local grocery store or fake pumpkins from the craft store. Spray paint them beige or ivory to complement the warm tones of Fall.  Add votive candles and florals…voila. You have a quick and easy elegant tablescape.


    How To Paint Thrifted Furniture

    How To Paint Thrifted Furniture

    When I moved into my apartment, I was looking for a white and airy dresser with brass and lucite pulls. Let’s just say I knew exactly what I wanted. I actually fell in love with this Anthropologie version, but it was out of my budget. I looked high and low for an alternative option, but I couldn’t find the right fit.  So, I decided to create my own version. My first step was to find a workable wood dresser.

    Insert thrifted dresser below:

    Thrifted Wooden Dresser

    This certainly wasn’t the best looking dresser know to mankind, but it had potential and that was what I needed. I bought this dresser from The Salvation Army for a whooping $50. I purchased it on a sale day and the store manager was feeling extra nice, so he gave me an additional 30% off. I was golden. Once I got this dresser back to my apartment, it honestly stayed in that same position for months. I never painted furniture before, so I felt overwhelmed every time I wanted to tackle the project. Finally, Labor Day weekend came and I knew this was the time to take the plunge. After some research and a couple of trips to Home Depot, I finally completed the project. Here is how I did it.

    Step 1: Sand

    Sand the heck out of that potentially beautiful piece of furniture. It’s important to sand the furniture first to strip away the previous shiny finish, so that the primer and paint can adhere properly. This is where I used my elbow grease the most. You can use regular sand paper that is like 120 grit or go easy on yourself and use an electric sander. I bought this sander, because I wanted the sanding to be quick and easy.  It did a good job, the only issue I had was that it came with 60 grit sand paper and I needed a higher grit, so I had to sand the dresser a couple of times to remove the previous finish.

    Step 2: Prime

    Primed Furniture

    You may want to skip this step because the paint you’re using has primer in the paint, but don’t. Especially, if you are painting a light color over furniture that previously had darker stain. You don’t want the old stain peeking through your freshly painted furniture. I used a paint brush for this step instead of a roller, because I wasn’t too concern about how neat it was going to look since I was going to paint over it. Once you have primed the furniture once, lightly sand it down again to smooth out any bumps or dripping.  Than you are ready to move on to the next step.

    Step 3: Paint

    After the primer has dried, you can paint the color of your choice.  I chose this Behr color, because of how crisp the white appeared.  I used a paint roller to apply the paint for a smooth and consistent application. I wanted to avoid brush strokes. It’s important to paint multiple light layers instead of one heavy layer. It will dry smoother. Remember to let the paint dry completely before painting another layer, so be patient. This step may take a whole day or two.

    Step 4: Protect

    After the paint has dried completely, apply the protectant of your choice. I used a spray on protectant, because it was easier for me to apply.  However, another alternative is a rub-on protectant that works just as well and probably even better. Follow directions for whatever protectant you decide to use.

    Step 5: Add Hardware

    Glass and brass pulls

    This was my favorite part. I love focusing on the details. The glass and brass pulls were the statement piece for my dresser inspiration, so I was on the search for a similar alternative. I found these gorge pulls, which were more delicate, so it reflected my style better.  I love how the updated dresser turned out. It looks more modern.

    I hope this step-by-step tutorial helped you tap into your creative genes.  Below is a cheat sheet for added reference. Don’t procrastinate like I did, go out and paint some furniture that is waiting to be beautify.

    Tools for Painting Thrifted Furniture



    Unconventional Headboard Inspiration

    My apartment has been bare for a couple of months now. Between event designing, blogging and my 9-5, I haven’t had the time or the energy to make it look like home yet. Right now, it feels sterile, so I’m on a mission to get my place homey and comfy. I’ve been searching for unconventional headboard inspiration (I’m just sleeping on a mattress and box spring right now … real bare), because I’m just not that into the conventional upholstered headboard situation. They are cute, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer an unexpected statement piece.  Here are some of my options:

    1. Floral HeadboardA floral headboard would be perfect for my feminine bedroom vibe.  This look can be achieved by stretching my DIY muscles. I would go to my local thrift store and buy the biggest frame I can find, spray paint the frame in the color of my choice (probably white to keep it bright and airy), and glue fake flowers from the craft store onto an inexpensive board like foam.


    Mirror HeadboardI like the idea of using a floor-to-ceiling mirror as a headboard, because it gives an elegant and sophisticated vibe to a room. Especially, if it has ornate details that make a statement.

    3.   Tapestry HeadboardTapestries and scarves make great headboard alternatives. They are easily interchangeable if I get tired of the look and can be personalized to my design aesthetic.

    4.  French Door HeadboardPeople, I am about these french doors! Nothing screams Parisian country-side like this french door headboard. It’s so yummy and vintage-inspired.  I’ve been on the hunt for similar doors in the past, but I haven’t found them yet. However, the search still continues.

    Basically, there are so many ways to customize a headboard.  Get inspiration from your own design aesthetic and style to come up with your own headboard inspiration.  Mine inspiration is feminine with elegant organic touches.

    What’s your headboard inspiration?

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    6 Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts

    Mother’s Day is almost here and if you are looking for ways to make this Mother’s Day more special than last year, than I’m here to help. I compiled a list of thoughtful gift ideas that would make your mom smile a little brighter this year.

    1.  Sophisticated Painted Art 

    Remember the finger paint artwork you used to make in pre-school?  Well, fast-forward to 20 years later and your mom still has it on display at your family house or at least tucked away in a memory drawer.  Now that you are older and comparably more sophisticated, exercise your creative ability by creating a not-so-difficult floral watercolor drawing or a super easy chevron design in your mom’s favorite colors.  The then and now comparison would probably blow you and your mom away. Who knew she raised a budding Picasso? Just remember to frame it when you’re done, so mom can instantly put it on display for the next 20 years.

    2.  Downloaded Apps for New Moms

    Being a first time mom isn’t easy AT ALL.  There are a lot to think about and to try and figure out. Sometimes, it’s hard for new moms to keep track of important info like doctor’s appointments, monitoring behavior, milestones and so forth. But, there are phone apps available that can make her life a little more easier and organized. Start by taking your new mom’s phone (probably while she’s taking a quick nap), browse for apps or try these suggested ones for monitoring breast feeding time, journaling those special moments, and getting the baby to sleep. Purchase a few apps and download. Now, your new mom can spend more time on other important things like more playtime and kisses.

    3.  Custom (By Her Children) Floral Arrangements

    Most people will probably deliver their mom flowers from a big chain retailer.  But of course, you can do better than that. You can create custom floral arrangements that your mom would appreciate even more. It’s, as simple as, going to your local grocery store like Trader Joe’s, where there are a variety of blooms, greenery and herbs to reconstruct into your own floral interpretation. Try this candy stripe rose and lemon leaves tutorial or this sweet and charming all-rose design.  I personally like to work with roses, because they are easy to find and are reasonably priced. Add a nice brass vase and you’ve got perfection.

    4.  Specialty Tea Kit

    If your mom is a tea drinker or even a coffee drinker, she will convert for her child’s personalized tea set. First, source some specialty tea recipe combinations like Ginger & Lemon Green Tea or a classic Chai Tea and note the ingredients. Then, go to a specialty tea store to get a base loose leaf tea like green tea or black tea in bulk.  Go to your local healthy food store, like Wholefoods, to source whole herbs and spices like ginger and cinnamon. Put the ingredients in cute containers with labels to complete the kit. However, if you like the idea, but you’re cringing about actually doing the project on your own, than you can purchase a pre-made tea kit.

    5. Vintage Decor Scavenger Hunt

    This idea is for the vintage connoisseurs and the mom’s who appreciate their design & style aesthetic. Sometimes sourcing sites like Craigslist & Etsy can be daunting for a busy or retired mom, who loves to re-style her home every so often. This is where you come in. Source Craigslist & Etsy for vintage decor items on her behalf.  Make the purchase more meaningful by choosing decor styles in either your mom’s birth year or yours.  Get the job done faster and more accurately by using a Craigslist app like cPro.

    6. Perfume Subscription Box

    If your mom is anything like my mom, she loves her perfumes.  But instead of buying her favorite perfume the 3rd time in a row or buying a scent that you like, but isn’t forgiving with her body chemistry…lavender anyone?…get her a gift she can experiment with. Olfactif is a perfume subscription box that sends a collection of three deluxe-size samples of perfume monthly. They also give you an $18 credit towards the full version of the featured samples. The gift subscriptions can be purchased month-to-month, 3- months, 6-months or 12-months at a time. She may find a new signature scent in the process and will thank you for it.


    Peacock Chairs

    For the longest time, I wanted to get a Peacock chair for my apartment.  Initially, I didn’t even know it was called a Peacock chair. I grew up seeing those chairs at Nigerian social gatherings…bridal showers, baby showers, etc.  They became the quintessential celebrants chair until I started seeing them pop up as decor in design magazines. In my mind, Peacock chairs were only functional for parties, but transitioning them into home decor was downright genius.  Especially, since I tend to lean towards a 70’s sensibility, at times.  Flare jeans, jumpsuits and textured fros are just my thing.

    So adding a boho-worldly item to my furniture selection was necessary. I searched Craigslists, local thrift stores, and home decor shops, to find one, but they were either too expensive or too far for me to justify driving many miles away for a listing.  Until, one day, on my birthday to be exact, I was driving down the road about 15 minutes away from my place when I saw a community yard sale commencing.  I decided to just browse for a few minutes, because I was on my way to visit my cousin, when I saw a Peacock chair in plain view. I beelined straight to the chair and asked the seller how much she wanted for it. When she said $2, I asked her to repeat it. What! $2! I scrapped up all the coins in my car (I didn’t have cash on me), paid and walked away with the beauty.  What a birthday gift. Thanks God! Now that it sits in my living room, I want another to keep my current one company. Maybe I will gather a collection for various rooms.

    Here’s a few I found to inspire your own collection.

    Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

    Photos via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

    What do you think about Peacock chairs as home decor?