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September 2016

    How To Be Confident Around Beautiful People


    Asiyami Gold & Friends

    Photo via: Asiyami Gold

    I’m blessed. I’m surrounded by friends who are both beautiful on the inside and the outside. My friends have melanin in different shades and they appear to be always on top of their beauty and style game. Me on the other hand, some days I feel like I’m putting my best foot forward, my coils are poppin’, my OOTD is in the running for the “Best Look of The Week” credits and my best feature, my smile, is constantly on display. Then there are other days when I feel inferior to my friends. It’s as if, they are experiencing majestic hair & style moments and I’m just their frumpy sidekick.

    My personal style is a bit different than most of them. I have coined my style as organically polished. I’d rather spend more time maintaining the quality of my natural beauty than to overly enhance it with too many products that seem to mask who I am. However, this organic rebellion, sometimes, makes me feel under-dressed, underdone and underrepresented. I begin to feel a bit insecure until I realize that everyone has their own unique beauty to offer the world. I try to focus on who I am and not compare, while incorporating beauty practices that help me stay confident in my own skin.

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