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September 2015

    Found in Translation: ODODO


    Ododo Translation

    Ododo isn’t a word I heard too often growing up in my Yoruba speaking household. I guess “flower” isn’t a word anyone uses too often in communication unless you are a florist of some sorts or a bright-eyed lover. At least I wouldn’t. Growing up, I was a tomboy. I climbed trees with my brothers, kept my dad company at the mechanic and abhorred dresses and frilly things. Flowers were no exception. I didn’t see what the fuss was about. I was hardly captivated by any floral scent and the thought of its short life span annoyed me.  Until, I started playing with flowers as an event designer.  Bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements, they were everywhere and I feel in love with them. Now, ododo seems like a necessary addition for my vocabulary.


    Is Your Natural Hair Photogenic?

    (Love her photogenic hair! #hairgoals)

    Image Via NaturallyTemi (Love her photogenic hair! #hairgoals)

    Have you ever styled your hair to perfection with every coil and kink in place and wanted to take a great picture only to find that the picture you took did your actual hair no justice?  If not, I certainly have encountered that situation a few too many times. Why does my hair look fierce in person, but in pictures it either looks undefined, shorter or just less interesting than reality? Is it my go-to Iphone for selfies, the bathroom lighting or the tilted head position? Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, my hair looks A.MAZ.ING in person, as well as, on camera. However, it’s those times when I’m trying to capture a great hair moment to update my display picture on all my social media accounts that the rebellious coils in the picture refuse to cooperate.  So, I’m on a quest for more knowledge and understanding of this phenomena.

    What do you do to get photogenic hair?


    Either/Or Question of the Week: Wedding or Honeymooning

    Either-Or Questions

    A couple of months ago, I started posting weekly thought-provoking either/or questions on my Facebook page. Whenever I went on a road trip with family or friends, we usually played the either/or game, which always produce laughter and some “ummmm” made us think moments. We had to make hard decisions about interesting and ethical dilemmas. When I started posting my questions on Facebook, I was curious to see responses from a diverse background. The comments, on my Facebook page, have been so eye-opening and informative that I decided to post the questions on my blog as well.

    So, which would you prefer? The great wedding or honeymoon?


    Tastemakers Africa App Is A Must Have For African Travel

    Screenshot of Tastemakers Africa Homepage

    Screenshot of Tastemakers Africa’s Homepage

    Tastemakers Africa is a blog dedicated to helping wanderlusts interested in an uncommon experience, travel Africa skipping mediocrity.  The site highlights the trendiest hotels, restaurants, social scenes and gorge resorts in cities like Lagos, Accura and Johannesburg, just to name a few. As if this popular site was not enough for exotic travelers, Tastemakers Africa is launching an app. This will help even the savviest traveler navigate Africa with their finger tips. For all the techies that can’t wait for the full app launch, you can request to try the beta version here.

    So what do you think about this app?


    Dear Future Husband: Are You Looking for Simplicity?

    Dear Future Husband (Simplicity)

    Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook and read a post from one of my male friends. It was titled, “Awesome Qualities of a Woman.” It was suppose to be a compilation of what most men are looking for in a woman. I went through the list, boldly checking off most of the qualities in my head.

    “I got this.”

    “Definitely, have that. Hands down!”

    But when my eyes glazed upon simplicity and dolled down, I paused. Come again. So the fact that I don’t have the patience to spend two hours beating my face or that I really think this natural revolution shouldn’t be an of the moment trend, but a lifestyle change isn’t just me resisting against societal norms? Men are actually searching for women who are comfortable with wearing makeup that looks like they don’t have on any makeup. Do they know or perceive this? Certainly not. Is it counterintuitive on my part? Maybe. Deceptive? Define deception. Let’s be honest. Who is inspired by dark circles? Not I, nor is he. But the fact remains that I can be a naturalist with all its variations in beauty and spirit and D.F.H would still be checking for me gets me giddy inside.