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Okay, beautiful people. It’s resolution time. I’ve done these in the past here and here. But can I be honest? Last year I was all about the planners and I got the Powersheets one. However, I didn’t even open it. I know. I felt overwhelmed by the process and intense planning. I made resolutions, but I just wrote it out on regular paper with the lines. This doesn’t mean that the Powersheets or any other planner isn’t beneficial. It just wasn’t the best for me. I wanted something simple and less intimidating.

While perusing Instagram, I saw some posts asking people what word described their 2016. Many of the words were negative, because it’s been a difficult year in many ways. I do think some good happened. But we usually focus on the negatives more than the positives, which tends to overshadow the good even if more good happened. So instead of waiting for the end of 2017 to describe how it went, I want to be intentional and describe how I want 2017 to be. That way I can intentionally work on 2017  being the outcome I want it to be.

So, what is one word (or words) that describe how you envision 2017?

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