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    Easter Stylin’

    Easter Stylin'

    Do you remember your Easter outfit? The tulle lined flare skirt with the white dress socks and white patent leather Mary Janes? Growing up, I remember getting a new outfit for Easter every year. I loved Easter stylin’! It was the time I could pick a pretty dress to my satisfaction without my mother’s input. I had the liberty to choose between pastels, florals, metallics and laces, whichever my young heart desired at the time. Now that I’m older, the tradition hasn’t broken. I still enjoy the process of shopping for my Easter outfit. Here’s some inspiration.

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    What will you wear for Easter?


    Spring/Summer Flats

    Every Spring, like many I’m sure, I have the desire to purge my closet and start fresh.  I tend to start rebuilding my wardrobe with shoes, because I believe it’s the foundation of an ensemble. Have you ever had a cute outfit planned, but realized you didn’t have the right shoe to match, which changed the outfit direction completely? My point exactly. So, even when I buy shoes, I tend to gravitate to more neutral and metallic colors that can compliment different outfit choices. Besides, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m more of a barefoot on freshly cut grass type of girl. Sometimes, shoes can be restrictive and slow me down (i.e. heels). Therefore, I search out shoes that are cute, neutral and comfortable.

    Summer/Spring Flats


    1. Woven D’orsay Flats

    2. Classic Stripe Sandals

    3. Ivy Slip-On Sneakers

    4. Calf Hair Flats

    5. Mirror Metallic D’orsay Loafer

    6. Ankle Strap Flats


    Inspired By: Spring

    Spring Is Here Board

    Spring is here! I’ve been waiting for longer days and warmer nights. Even though the weather hasn’t crossed over entirely, I’m still looking forward to the smell of blooming flowers, the feel of airy fabrics and the sight of lighter and brighter shades. I’m looking forward to the sun peeking through my shades in the morning, to having lemonade on the rocks and to dining al fresco style. Hello gorgeous…spring is here.

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