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    Bridal Shower Inspiration: Sweets Shoppe

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    This super sweet bridal shower theme has me searching for almond milk to wash down the sugar. I love elevated child themes. Typically, this theme would be cute for a baby shower or kid’s birthday, but add some macaroons, cotton candy topped champagne and an effortless cake, you have a sophisticated version of your childhood dreams. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in a Sweets Shoppe? For added fun, DIY an ice cream piñata and fill with department store cosmetics samples. Your friends will thank you for it.

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    Bridal Shower Inspiration: Citrus Seaside

    Citrus Seaside Inspiration Board

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    If you ask any of my friends, they would tell you that I L.O.V.E to create themed parties. From bridal showers to dinner parties, I love a well-curated party where even the details are in harmony. Working in the wedding industry, I’ve learned how to create elegant tablescapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Now that wedding season has officially started, as well as, all its festivities, it’s time to start decorating. I want to encourage all you bridesmaids out there or those who love to host curated parties to think creatively for your next elegant affair. I’m starting this new series to assist with your creative musings.

    The Citrus Seaside theme is your escape to a peaceful coastal experience full of effortless organic luxuries and tangy citrus accents. This theme is for the Wanderlust bride who enjoys spending her summer days on exotic quiet beaches or the Organic bride who enjoys the beauty of nature without much fuss.

    Citrus Seaside Tablescape

    1. Rustic Seating
    2. Elegant Brass Candlesticks
    3. Citrus Centerpieces (here & here)
    4. Gilded Vase
    5. Sea Glass Place Cards (here & here)
    6. Effortless Glassware
    7. Blue Dining

    7 Nigerian Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram

    Instagram is overloaded with inspiration and influencers. However, it can be a bit daunting trying to sift through and find accounts that not only have great images, but also give a nod to your cultural background. As an expert inspiration finder, I constantly search for women who are unique in their talents that I can culturally relate to. Here are 7 influential and inspiring Nigerian women to follow…like now.

    1. @MadeInSheba

    Madeinsheba Instagram Handle

    Inspiration: This model-like beauty gives me 90’s fashion editorial stimulation. Her vintage style and striking cheekbones are just accents to her amazing illustration skills. From Youtube personalities to fellow grammers she uses her pencil to artfully construct beautiful faces through shades and gradients.

    2. @ThinkPoppy

    Think Poppy Instagram

    Inspiration: This beauty inspires me to jump in her suitcase and tag along on her many travel excursions. Her attention to detail and artistic way of capturing the simple things in life whether in Nigeria, Kenya or in her backyard keeps me coming back for more. The profound descriptions take you beyond the image itself, to a place of deeper thought, understanding and meaning.

    3. @RantiInReview

    Ranti in Review instagram

    Inspiration: Her feminine and elegant style gives me goosebumps. As a lover of beautiful and dainty things, this feed capitalizes on my feminine sensibilities. She inspires me to put my best pump forward while her love for ivory roses grants her extra credit in my book.

    4. @Asiyami_Gold

    Asiyami Gold Instagram

    Inspiration: Her big textured mane gives me life. What I love about her feed is that it’s not really about her hair, but her lovely mane provides just as much inspiration on its own as the whole image itself. The vibrant colors on muted white backgrounds are candy to my eyes while her travels satisfy my wanderlust dreams.

    5. @SkinnyHipster

    Skinny Hipster Instagram

    Inspiration: This lovely ladies’ downtown chic street style is infectious. Just ask the ladies who like to remix her style. Her cute pixie cut coupled with her cropped pants and leather loafers reminds me of our version of Audrey Hepburn.

    6. @Art_Isadanma

    Art Isadanma Instagram

    Inspiration:  This artist brings her creativity to the canvas when she paints images of beautiful black girls. I love the authenticity of her pieces.  Bold and vibrant colors and patterns flood her feed giving a nod to her Nigerian heritage while her textured fro make statement appearances.

    7. @YagazieEmezi

    Yagazie Instagram

    Inspiration: This photojournalist effortlessly captures the beauty of Nigerian culture in unexpected and common places.  Her prose reveals the mind of a visionary who studies her subject and speaks forth intangible observations that aren’t easily noticed to the untrained eye.

    Who inspires you on Instagram?


    Inspired By: Feminine Watercolor Art

    Watercolor Art

    Generally, I love art. I love how the imagination of an artist comes alive on his/her chosen medium; be it canvas, paper, or objects. But in particular, watercolor art ignites a spark in me.  Watercolors have an airy, soft, elegant and feminine presence to me. Even though the paint strokes are loose and unstructured, the strokes still form together to a cohesive finish. When I need some visual inspiration, I like to scroll through my Artspiration board on Pinterest and admire the pretty watercolor artwork that I have pinned. It refreshes my creative palate every time.

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    How Crying During America’s Got Talent Creates Heart Confetti

    This is a little embarrassing, but when I watch America’s Got Talent, Nigeria’s Got Talent, American Idol, Nigerian Idol, Shark Tank, [Insert “I need to win or I go back to my local grocery store as a cashier” type of TV competition here], I get teary eyes almost all the time.  Sometimes, I find myself glued to my laptop watching a marathon of audition videos on Youtube. There is something about inspiring creatives with a past that put their all on the stage for others to judge that really pulls at my heart strings. It’s risky, it’s vulnerable, it’s inspiring.

    It’s inspiring to see people who were told they couldn’t do it, they’re not good enough, or the idea is not genius enough, to sum up enough courage to express their talent or idea in front of already successful and intimidating judges that have the authority to decide whether they continue the competition or go home back to their cashier jobs, back to a perceived level of obscurity.

    Recently, while browsing Facebook, I came upon this video of Drew Lynch, a contestant on America’s Got Talent. His story was touching. How he used a painful life altering experience and changed it into a positive motivating force in his life was inspiring. And of course, the waterworks started, but ended with a smile. The nervousness that he felt was difficult to watch, but when the judges gave a standing ovation and the gold confetti dropped….I felt “confetti in my heart.”

    Which shows do you like to watch?