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    Pardon My Absence

    National Council For Arts & Culture Exhibition

    A hut at the National Council For Arts & Culture exhibition in Abuja

    Please, please, please pardon my absence. I didn’t intend to be away from the blog for over two weeks. I recently traveled to Nigeria for Lola of Think Poppy’s wedding and life got the best of my intentions to plan ahead and create posts before I left. As you can see, that didn’t happen. Now that I’m back and eager to connect with you guys, I’m working on content to post. There is a Gidi Girlboss interview coming your way, wanderlust posts on Nigeria and more bridal shower tablescapes.

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    My One Year Blogiversary

    One Year Blogiversary

    Attention beautiful people…it’s Gidi & Pearls’ one year blogiversary! Well technically, it was December 1st, but I was on a plane traveling back from Nigeria, so I couldn’t post. I know it shouldn’t really be an excuse, because I could have written the post in advance. However, my procrastination bug interfered. All is not lost, at least I’m typing this bright-eyed and rested. Back to the matter at hand…

    When I finally decided to start my own blog, I knew I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog focusing on different aspects of my personal interests. I knew I also wanted it to be a platform where I could discuss being a first-generation American and the beauty and complications that come with living as a cultural hybrid. I knew I wanted to hone my graphic design and writing skills by learning to create strong visual and written content. With each post, a sense of accomplishment radiates when I hit publish. I get excited when I learn something new and reach mini goals. All in all, my first year of blogging has been rewarding. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been rewarding.

    Things I Learned While Blogging

    1. It’s Work

    Gidi & Pearls isn’t my first blogging experience. I blogged for my previous employer, Taylor & Hov on their company’s blog mostly about wedding and decor inspiration. It was a good introduction to the blogging world. So, when I started my personal blog I thought it would be a seamless transition, but it wasn’t. I didn’t realize how much of a learning curve it would be, from setting up my own WordPress blog to basic coding and creating original content to just being consistent.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to create content about my personal interests. The most rewarding part is creating content that my readers can be inspired by, learn from and engage with. But that means I have to post content that others want to read and do it consistently and concisely, which takes effort. So, I’ve been reading articles on blogging, improving my writing skills, keeping to a blogging schedule and searching for pretty images to post.

    2. Don’t Over Research

    It’s important for me to post good content, so I try to research topics and images for an interesting and compelling post. It doesn’t always happen, because life happens, but I’m researching more often than not. However, sometimes, I can be on Pinterest for hours searching for the right image to include in a post. I get into the habit of believing that the next one would be better and then I end up choosing an image I saw two hours ago. It can be frustrating. Now, I try to research within a strict time frame to keep from wasting time.

    3.  Evolving Logo Design

    A logo is very important to any brand that’s why it’s important to spend time developing a logo that is consistent and unique to your brand. I knew I wanted a simple and elegant logo. I created my first logo thinking I can accomplish the simplicity and elegance I desired. It was ok, but I didn’t love it and I than I got stuck. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so, I’ve been going through different versions and none has wowed me yet. I didn’t think it would be this hard deciding on a logo. My style is evolving, and so is my designer’s eye. I want to go in so many different directions, but ultimately I have to stay true to myself.  I’m giving myself a deadline to choose the logo and move on.

    Some Accomplishments

    1.  Finding My Blogging Voice

    Being authentic is also very important to me (everything is important to me…lol). I didn’t want to sound like Bisola trying to be a lifestyle blogger. I just wanted to sound like Bisola, who is writing about her perspective on life. Initially, I tried to mimic a blogging voice that sounded more cheerful than introspective, but that isn’t me all the time. I’m always reflecting about deep and ethical issues that are not always cheerful and I’ve learned that it’s okay. I’m learning that just being me can help encourage someone else who sees things the way I do. I will not be able to reach everyone, but as long as I’m reaching the right someone that’s fine with me.

    2.  Starting The Gidi Girlboss Series

    I was really excited to start my Gidi Girlboss series. I am constantly reading and being inspired by entrepreneurs that have chosen to walk down the road less traveled.  I wanted a platform where inspiring entrepreneurs and veterans alike could come to be encouraged and get inspired. My first interview with Feyi Odukoya, was awesome and can be seen here. I’ve decided to post Gidi Girlboss interviews monthly. Conducting these interviews motivate me to keep moving towards my goals and I hope it does for you too.

    Now, I look forward to my second year. My goals are higher and more engaging than when I started. I have a couple of ideas I want to implement and some projects I want to undertake. I pray that I appreciate everything that comes along with it. The late nights, the researching, the growth, the accomplishments, etc. As this blog evolves, I want to thank you for joining me on the ride.