The Best Moisturizers To Protect Your Low Porosity Hair For Winter


    Image via Sunita V

    Most naturals either have low porosity or high porosity hair. You can test this by putting some of your strands in a bowl of water for a few minutes to see if it floats or sinks. If your strands float then you probably have low porosity hair and if it sinks than high porosity hair. Low porosity occurs when the hair cuticles are tightly bound with overlapping scales that make it difficult for moisture to enter the hair shaft. Which means you tend to have super dry hair. It’s best to stay away from protein-rich products and heavy oils that will just sit on top of your hair shaft making your hair stiff or oily. Emollients like shea butter and coconut oils are excellent moisture boosters. Also, products with humectant ingredients that draw moisture from the air like honey and glycerin make your coils bounce with moisture. So if you leave in a humid climate like parts of Nigeria, ladies with low-porosity hair can mix honey or glycerin with their conditioners to add more moisture to their coils. Using hair milks and lighter oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil will help to add moisture to your strands by easily penetrating your hair shaft. Just remember that because it’s harder to get moisture into low porosity hair, lighter products will be better than the heavy creams and butters.

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    Your One Word Resolution



    Okay, beautiful people. It’s resolution time. I’ve done these in the past here and here. But can I be honest? Last year I was all about the planners and I got the Powersheets one. However, I didn’t even open it. I know. I felt overwhelmed by the process and intense planning. I made resolutions, but I just wrote it out on regular paper with the lines. This doesn’t mean that the Powersheets or any other planner isn’t beneficial. It just wasn’t the best for me. I wanted something simple and less intimidating.

    While perusing Instagram, I saw some posts asking people what word described their 2016. Many of the words were negative, because it’s been a difficult year in many ways. I do think some good happened. But we usually focus on the negatives more than the positives, which tends to overshadow the good even if more good happened. So instead of waiting for the end of 2017 to describe how it went, I want to be intentional and describe how I want 2017 to be. That way I can intentionally work on 2017  being the outcome I want it to be.

    So, what is one word (or words) that describe how you envision 2017?


    Gidi Girlboss: Cynthia Andrew of Simply Cyn

    When I started the Gidi Girlboss series, I wanted to highlight Nigerian women in the diaspora making their mark in society. Growing up, I always looked for mentors who were like me and could understand my perspective. Sometimes, having conversation in person wasn’t always feasible (I’m still hoping to do lunch with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie one day), so I looked to interviews and autobiographies to get the inspiration I needed to press forward with my goals, dreams and ideas. However, inspiration can stem from anywhere, especially through non-Nigerian women who I admire. As a writer/blogger, I respect those that have crafted their blogging talent into a career. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be oh so rewarding. Today’s Gidi Girlboss, has been an inspiration to me. I’ve been swooning over Cynthia’s, from Simply Cyn, personal style and luscious coils since her Addicted to Etsy days. Not only has her consistent and effortless digital voice been an inspiration to me, but also motivation for other African bloggers who aspire to develop a blog on a broad platform that reaches beyond their local communities.

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