One Way To Avoid Dry Cleaning Your Pretty Clothes

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Drycleaning my clothes is one of my least favorite things to do. It seems like the prettiest dresses, flowiest wide leg pants and silkiest blouses are always “Dry Clean Only.” I literally have a stock pile of clothes that need to be dry cleaned. But honestly, I rather spend more money buying new clothes than dry cleaning it.

So, I took to Google to find a solution. Surprisingly, most of the research mentioned that most “Dry Clean Only” garments can just be hand washed and they’ll be fine. From silk blouses to soft delicates the most cost-effective solution is to hand wash your clothes in either cold or lukewarm water with detergent and lay it out or hang it to dry, indoors. Simple. So, next time, don’t hesitate to purchase that pretty printed “Dry Clean Only” cami. You already look good in it, now you know how to clean it.

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