My Fragrance Regimen

Perfume Day-Night

I love having a signature scent. Each year, I choose a fragrance that I adopt into my repertoire and than rotate to another fragrance the following year. Last year, I stumbled upon Zara’s collection of fragrances when Shirley B. Eniang mentioned on her channel that she wears Zara fragrances. At the time, I was looking for a soft everyday scent. I took a trip to Zara and tested out their fragrance wall. When I sniffed Femme on my wrist, I knew that I found the one! It has the perfect balance of feminine and soft allure with a confident and elegant foundation. I love it so much I haven’t found another fragrance that I want to switch to yet. However, I noticed that I was mixing Femme with other scents in the evenings, because I wanted a more complex scent at night. I realized it was time to get an evening fragrance that had more of a presence. Black Amber it was. They are like day and night, literally.

What fragrance do you wear?

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