How Crying During America’s Got Talent Creates Heart Confetti

This is a little embarrassing, but when I watch America’s Got Talent, Nigeria’s Got Talent, American Idol, Nigerian Idol, Shark Tank, [Insert “I need to win or I go back to my local grocery store as a cashier” type of TV competition here], I get teary eyes almost all the time.  Sometimes, I find myself glued to my laptop watching a marathon of audition videos on Youtube. There is something about inspiring creatives with a past that put their all on the stage for others to judge that really pulls at my heart strings. It’s risky, it’s vulnerable, it’s inspiring.

It’s inspiring to see people who were told they couldn’t do it, they’re not good enough, or the idea is not genius enough, to sum up enough courage to express their talent or idea in front of already successful and intimidating judges that have the authority to decide whether they continue the competition or go home back to their cashier jobs, back to a perceived level of obscurity.

Recently, while browsing Facebook, I came upon this video of Drew Lynch, a contestant on America’s Got Talent. His story was touching. How he used a painful life altering experience and changed it into a positive motivating force in his life was inspiring. And of course, the waterworks started, but ended with a smile. The nervousness that he felt was difficult to watch, but when the judges gave a standing ovation and the gold confetti dropped….I felt “confetti in my heart.”

Which shows do you like to watch?

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