Dove “Love Your Curls” Campaign

I was browsing the web, during a short long work break and I came across this Dove #LoveYourCurls campaign and can I say tears were streaming down my face while I was sitting in front of my computer.  This inspiring and heartfelt video depicts how young girls with curly or coily hair feel about their hair texture.

Even though I made a confident decision to rock my natural coils and leave my relax days behind, I still get some tension from some that believe I should have kept my hair relaxed, especially my mom.  My mother still has not accepted my decision to be natural. She complains about the inevitable frizz, the imperfect shape, the inconsistent curl pattern, the list goes on. Part of the reason for her uneasiness is because as a young student, in the Nigerian school system, she was forced to rock a mini fro (which we now know as a TWA)  to encourage her to focus on books and not boys.  When she matured, she had the liberty to rock extensions and experiment with her hair. However, I feel because of her experience she equates natural hair to a form of restraint, oppression and a lack of control.  She asks me why I choose to be natural when I have other options.  It’s an interesting perspective considering that a lot of African-American women equate natural hair to a form of liberty and freedom from Westernized norms. It appears that even though African and African-American women have similar hair textures, our experiences and perceptions can still be different.

As for me, going natural was one of the best decisions I could have made and I celebrate my coils.

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