Dear Future Husband: Did My Mom/Aunty/Churchmember Send You?

Dear Future Husband

Them: “Bisola…there is a guy that told me he is interested in you.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Them: “Yes, I told him to contact you on Facebook, since you’re so picky, I don’t want you embarrassing me by rejecting him in his face.”

Me: “Picky?” “I will be committing myself to my husband for the rest of my life.” “If I were ever to be picky, shouldn’t it be for marriage?”

Sometimes, I cringe when someone tells me that they want to introduce me to someone. It’s not like I don’t appreciate their concern, but honestly is it that serious! Every breathing Nigerian male that is above the age of 30 and says he goes to church can not all be my future husband.  And when I see, hear, smell some of these “potentials” … chai! Mommy/Aunty/Churchmember I’m wondering whether you even know me. Do I look like I’m suffering, because I’m single? No, seriously do I? Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure God knows the best time for me to enter into a marriage covenant.  Right now, my purpose is calling and he doesn’t like me being late.

How do you react when EVERYBODY feels like they found your husband?


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