Dear Future Husband: Are You Looking for Simplicity?

Dear Future Husband (Simplicity)

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook and read a post from one of my male friends. It was titled, “Awesome Qualities of a Woman.” It was suppose to be a compilation of what most men are looking for in a woman. I went through the list, boldly checking off most of the qualities in my head.

“I got this.”

“Definitely, have that. Hands down!”

But when my eyes glazed upon simplicity and dolled down, I paused. Come again. So the fact that I don’t have the patience to spend two hours beating my face or that I really think this natural revolution shouldn’t be an of the moment trend, but a lifestyle change isn’t just me resisting against societal norms? Men are actually searching for women who are comfortable with wearing makeup that looks like they don’t have on any makeup. Do they know or perceive this? Certainly not. Is it counterintuitive on my part? Maybe. Deceptive? Define deception. Let’s be honest. Who is inspired by dark circles? Not I, nor is he. But the fact remains that I can be a naturalist with all its variations in beauty and spirit and D.F.H would still be checking for me gets me giddy inside.

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