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Dear Future Husband

    3 Awkward Nigerian Introductions Resolved

    Awkward Nigerian Introductions Resolved

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    If you’re young Nigerian and fly without a man, chances are people are trying to introduce you to someone every other week. I’m I lying? I get it, marriage is an accomplishment to most and our parents and aunties want to brag about that too. They have our best interest in mind. But to a certain extent, you wonder whether they really know you when you meet some of these men. I’ve been there and trying to diplomatically escape from those situations are not easy. But I’ve learned a thing or two about human interaction that might be beneficial. However, it’s a process. Learning the art of politely rejecting people, so that they truly understand that you’re not interested (and not playing hard to get) is an art I’m still trying to master. Here are some common scenarios that may arise. It always helps to be prepared.

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    How To Be A Woman of Value To A Man of Value

    Natural Hair Couple

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    Previously, I spoke about the perception of men having a lot of options pertaining to their choice of women. You can read my slight rant here. The bottom line, I don’t think men have a lot of options if they’re looking for valuable women. Not just any valuable woman. A woman that will add personal value to them. Here are a few guidelines for valuable women to follow.

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    Do Men Really Have A Lot Of Options In Women?

    Do Men Really Have A Lot Of Options

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    So Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and people are thinking about relationships. Whether they are in one and want to stay, or they want to go or they just want to be in one, relationships are on people’s minds. It’s been on my mind too. Just in a different way. I’m going to rant just a bit. I apologize in advance.

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    Dear Future Husband: I’m Worth It

    Dear Future Husband

    Lately, I’ve noticed men seem too relaxed in approaching women.  It’s either that or they aren’t initiators in the communication process.  A few days could go by without a call from a guy who appears interested in a girl. However, when we (women) give them a call to check up on them, it turns into an extensive hour or two long conversation. So, guys do enjoy our interactions, but it takes us women to initiate it. Why? Some may say, because he’s just not that into you. I beg to differ. Usually, most women can tell when a man isn’t interested at all compared to when he is, but something is holding him back, which  prevents him from taking a lead position. That could be comfort or the fear of rejection.

    Let me give an example. A good friend confessed that in college she was crushing on a friend from her on-campus ministry. He was attractive, tall and had a genuine relationship with Christ. Check, check and check. The entire time she was silently crushing on him, he never overtly showed interest. It wasn’t until the faithful day a mutual friend told her that he had been crushing on her for years, but for some reason he decided not to approach her about it. What?! She discovered this after they graduated from college and went their separate ways. He ended up marrying someone else and is now divorced.  Essentially, both parties were equally fond of each other, but the guy didn’t make the first move and neither did my friend.

    The problem is, nowadays, it seems as if most men would rather be pursued than to pursue. But the women, the type that most future husbands are aspiring to marry, a good and virtuous woman, tend to want to be pursued. How does that work if men want to be pursued and women want to be pursued too. Men may not admit it. However, when a man feels he can be lax on making a commitment, because he believes he has options, than indirectly he probably believes the woman should work hard enough to prove she should be the chosen one. That’s backwards.

    It creates a shift in the framework of courtship. The roles become distorted and expectations are compromised. I call myself a modern traditionalist. I support certain modern views, but within a foundational framework. I believe a man should initiate and lead a courtship from being to end, while both parties build together to create a lasting, sustainable relationship. The Bible says,

    An excellent woman [one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous], who is he who can find her?
    Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.” Proverbs 31:10 AMP

    Excellent women, “Good Things,” (Proverbs 18:22) are hard to find, but are valuable. The structure is such that men search and find valuable women to marry. Simple. I believe a lot of men have passed up valuable, supportive, loving, nurturing, intelligent, grounded and beautiful women, because the women required the need to be pursued, valued and treasured. Men, have you ever seen a raw authentic ruby or diamond laying on the sidewalk bare for all to grab? Jewels have to be searched for and excavated.  It takes effort, diligence, perseverance and sacrifice to mine and refine a jewel. That’s why they are valuable, because they aren’t easy to come by and they aren’t easy to maintain, but they are worth every dollar spent to retrieve them.

    Just like precious jewels, finding, loving and valuing a virtuous woman takes effort,diligence, perseverance and sacrifice to obtain and keep. But the reward is oh so great. Initially, she may give you wahala, because she wants to test you to see whether you can be her lead man, be patient. She may want to hold off on sex until marriage, persevere. She may even want to refrain from kissing to prevent the possibility of pre-marital sex, endure. She may want to wake you up at 5am to pray together about your present and your future, sacrifice the sleep. She’s worth it.

    Ultimately, choosing your life partner is your decision. No one should make that decision for you. However, remember that every choice has it’s own consequences. Be it positive or negative. I know a few men who took an easier route and silently regret it. It’s written on their faces. However, I encourage you to do what you have to do now, so you can reap the benefits later. Virtuous women usually come with respect, love, care, compassion, patience, support, and other fruits, so search well and work hard to find her. Pursue her like the jewel she is, because she’s worth it. I know I am.



    Dear Future Husband: Are You Looking for Simplicity?

    Dear Future Husband (Simplicity)

    Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook and read a post from one of my male friends. It was titled, “Awesome Qualities of a Woman.” It was suppose to be a compilation of what most men are looking for in a woman. I went through the list, boldly checking off most of the qualities in my head.

    “I got this.”

    “Definitely, have that. Hands down!”

    But when my eyes glazed upon simplicity and dolled down, I paused. Come again. So the fact that I don’t have the patience to spend two hours beating my face or that I really think this natural revolution shouldn’t be an of the moment trend, but a lifestyle change isn’t just me resisting against societal norms? Men are actually searching for women who are comfortable with wearing makeup that looks like they don’t have on any makeup. Do they know or perceive this? Certainly not. Is it counterintuitive on my part? Maybe. Deceptive? Define deception. Let’s be honest. Who is inspired by dark circles? Not I, nor is he. But the fact remains that I can be a naturalist with all its variations in beauty and spirit and D.F.H would still be checking for me gets me giddy inside.


    Dear Future Husband: I’m Content

    Dear Future Husband

    I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should start a series about my journey in singlehood (the not married yet and mother is worried stage) within the Nigerian community.  I’ve been hesitant about starting the series, because talking about marriage and my expectations can be such a sensitive area that I have slight issues of fear and vulnerability about sharing. However, knowing that shared perspectives and being transparent can be therapeutic to some and informative to others, it encourages me to keep typing. Especially, when I hear 25-year-olds complaining and worrying about how not being married yet is the end all be all, not fully understanding that marriage is the REAL DEAL. It’s not a joke. There are high ups and heavy downs. Changed personalities and circumstances can snatch one’s head out of the clouds pretty quickly. At the same time, marriage can be wrapped with beautiful bows of companionship and fulfillment.

    Knowing all of this…I still complain and worry, at times. Hey, I’m human. Between friends getting married every year and my mom calling me to jest about which of her friends’ children are getting married, I’ve definitely had my fall out on my bed, woe is me, “Lord, why is EVERYONE getting married, but me?!,” moments a time or two.  Between Aunties telling me that, “In Jesus name, you will get married this year,” (To whom?) and others telling me that “Chai, you’re too picky!” (I mean shouldn’t I be cautious…this is for the rest of my life)— I’ve definitely had my off days.

    But overall, I’m content. I get to hop on a plane to see a friend without having to run it by anyone. I can come home late and just eat popcorn for dinner without having to worry if anyone is properly fed. I can sleep-in till 10am (which is super late for me…considering I’m typing this post at 4:30am) and than do my pilates routine without interruption.  Every stage in life has its high ups and heavy downs. I’m learning to be content by realizing seasons come and go. It’s better to get the most out of every season instead of letting it pass by without any fulfillment in that state. I’m learning everyday.

    How do you stay content in your season?