7 Nigerian Natural Hair Influencers

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From threading to braids, Nigerian women aren’t afraid to experiment with their hair. We have been consistently adding attachments and weaves to adorn our beloved crowns. Gone are the days that a TWA (that’s Teeny Weeny Afro) meant you were on your way to boarding school or being punished for remotely enticing a boy with your hair just by letting the wind catch a strand. Now, a modern group of Nigerian Naturalistas are in the front of the hair class, giving us the inspiration to Big Chop and start over, proudly wearing our natural coils without shame. Here are a few noted Nigerians leading the way to help us embrace our beauty, naturally.

1. Ty Bello

Ty Bello

Image via: @tybello

This beautiful songstress is like the godmother of the present natural hair movement. Before we mastered the perfect twist-out through Youtube University, Mrs. Bello had been embracing her big fro elegantly. We look up to her for publicly setting the stage for other Nigerians Naturalistas to shine.

2. Natural Nigerian

Natural Nigerian

Image via: Natural Nigerian

This Nigerian blogger not only discusses natural hair tips, but also focuses on living a beautiful “Wellthy” life in Nigeria period. Whether she teaches us how to make shampoo or body lotion from the purest ingredients or engages us with social justice issues in the country, her “Wellthy” lifestyle inspires us to live freely without toxins on our hair and in our lives. She also manufactures her own line of natural hair care products that are proudly “Made in Nigeria.” P.S. This “Wellthy” blogger stays true to her brand, by highlighting her products and not her hair, which is a source of admiration considering our selfie empowered society.

P.S. This “Wellthy” blogger stays true to her brand, by highlighting her products and not her hair, which is a source of admiration considering our selfie-empowered society.

3. Igbo Curls

Igbo Curls 2

Image via: @igbocurls

This Nigerian 4C natural is a Youtube vlogger and blogger that provides a myriad of information on how to grow natural hair. With that Nigerian heat and Harmattan weather (an experience I was not prepared for), Chinwe gives us tips to keep our coils moisturized and frizz-free for beautifully controlled styles.

4. Adesua Etomi

Adesua Etomi

Image via: @adesuaetomi

This on-screen maven has stayed true to her down-to-earth natural style. Her signature updos have made an appearance on red carpets and TV screens giving us evening-worthy looks to emulate. Whether she’s in an updo, fro or in-between her confidence with each look exudes the essence of natural beauty.

5. Nibi Lawson of The Kinky Apothecary

Nibi Lawson

Image via: @kinkyapothecary

Much of the natural hair movement presently in Nigerian can be attributed to Nibi Lawson’s introduction of many global natural hair care brands through her shop The Kinky Apothecary. One of the first natural hair beauty supply shops in Nigeria, The Kinky Apothecary, is home to recognizable global brands like Shea Moisture and Soultanicals, a brand created by a fellow Nigerian. She also created the Nigerian Natural Hair + Beauty Show, a natural beauty expo that features workshops and seminars by natural hair influencers.

6. Naturally Temi

Temi Adesina

Image via: @naturallytemi

Only being natural for 4 years, Temi’s hair and personal growth have been an inspiration. Temi and I go way back to our church days. I distinctly remember having a conversation, in her now brother-in-law’s kitchen, about starting our Youtube channel to record our natural hair journey. She started her channel soon after and I decided to focus on my writing instead. We chose a path that was true to us and our hair journeys.

7. Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru

Image via: @chiziduru

Chizi’s college student swag and friendly budget options keeps the young, fly and Naija hair journeys in perspective. With classes, career goals, a social life and traveling, maintaining proper natural hair care can be a daunting and uninspiring feat. But Chizi’s tips helps us accomplish our hair journeys with calculated ease.

Your turn: Who are your Nigerian natural hair influencers?

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