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July 2016

    7 African Resorts That Will Make Europe Swoon

    It’s vacation season, and I’ve already started using my passport this. Nigeria was my first stop. Actually, I’ve been going back to Nigeria often lately. Peruse my previous posts here and here. To some, Nigeria isn’t a vacation spot at the top of their list, but it has a lot to offer if we open our minds to it. Not only Nigeria, but the massive African continent is an understated vacation haven. Instead of mapping out your next European excursive, think outside the typical vacation box and travel to a place that isn’t far from your ancestral backyard.

    1. Constance Ephelia Resort in Seychelles

    Constance Ephelia Hotel | Gidi & Pearls

    You may not have heard of Seychelles, or even have known that it’s a part of the African Union, but Prince William fancied it. Seychelles was the honeymoon destination for the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge, and it can be yours too. I’ve been eyeing Seychelles even before it became a celebrity hotspot for its beautiful blue waters and lush green scenery right off the east coast of Africa.

    Placed on the Mahé Island, the Constance Ephelia boasts of elegant beaches with private villas and sophisticated waves to match. This luxury resort will surely give you some R&R time.

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    3 Effortless Black Rice Recipes That Will Let Your Jollof Rice Rest

    Image of Black Rice

    I love rice. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m sure I’m not the only African who does. I would eat rice everyday, if the parboiled variety I usually eat didn’t turn to simple carbohydrates, than to sugar, than to my weight control nightmare. I digress. One of my favorite rice dishes is Jollof Rice. You can’t go wrong with Jollof Rice in my book. At least with the Nigerian version. With the Ghanaian version, I’m not so sure. However, in an effort to eat healthier, I’ve been trying to substitute my rice based meals with black rice (forbidden rice). Black rice has similar nutritional value as brown rice, but the flavor and texture is so much better. I’ve only mastered African Black Fried Rice (my recipe coming soon), thus far, because the nutty taste of the black rice complements the curry flavor of traditional African fried rice so well. On my quest to incorporate black rice into my diet, I’ve been mulling over recipes and these 3 enticed my taste buds. They may not be the most Afrocentric meals, but these recipes use some common ingredients found in African kitchens, so give them a try.

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