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May 2015

    Spring/Summer Flats

    Every Spring, like many I’m sure, I have the desire to purge my closet and start fresh.  I tend to start rebuilding my wardrobe with shoes, because I believe it’s the foundation of an ensemble. Have you ever had a cute outfit planned, but realized you didn’t have the right shoe to match, which changed the outfit direction completely? My point exactly. So, even when I buy shoes, I tend to gravitate to more neutral and metallic colors that can compliment different outfit choices. Besides, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m more of a barefoot on freshly cut grass type of girl. Sometimes, shoes can be restrictive and slow me down (i.e. heels). Therefore, I search out shoes that are cute, neutral and comfortable.

    Summer/Spring Flats


    1. Woven D’orsay Flats

    2. Classic Stripe Sandals

    3. Ivy Slip-On Sneakers

    4. Calf Hair Flats

    5. Mirror Metallic D’orsay Loafer

    6. Ankle Strap Flats


    Unconventional Headboard Inspiration

    My apartment has been bare for a couple of months now. Between event designing, blogging and my 9-5, I haven’t had the time or the energy to make it look like home yet. Right now, it feels sterile, so I’m on a mission to get my place homey and comfy. I’ve been searching for unconventional headboard inspiration (I’m just sleeping on a mattress and box spring right now … real bare), because I’m just not that into the conventional upholstered headboard situation. They are cute, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer an unexpected statement piece.  Here are some of my options:

    1. Floral HeadboardA floral headboard would be perfect for my feminine bedroom vibe.  This look can be achieved by stretching my DIY muscles. I would go to my local thrift store and buy the biggest frame I can find, spray paint the frame in the color of my choice (probably white to keep it bright and airy), and glue fake flowers from the craft store onto an inexpensive board like foam.


    Mirror HeadboardI like the idea of using a floor-to-ceiling mirror as a headboard, because it gives an elegant and sophisticated vibe to a room. Especially, if it has ornate details that make a statement.

    3.   Tapestry HeadboardTapestries and scarves make great headboard alternatives. They are easily interchangeable if I get tired of the look and can be personalized to my design aesthetic.

    4.  French Door HeadboardPeople, I am about these french doors! Nothing screams Parisian country-side like this french door headboard. It’s so yummy and vintage-inspired.  I’ve been on the hunt for similar doors in the past, but I haven’t found them yet. However, the search still continues.

    Basically, there are so many ways to customize a headboard.  Get inspiration from your own design aesthetic and style to come up with your own headboard inspiration.  Mine inspiration is feminine with elegant organic touches.

    What’s your headboard inspiration?

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    Dear Future Husband: I’m Content

    Dear Future Husband

    I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should start a series about my journey in singlehood (the not married yet and mother is worried stage) within the Nigerian community.  I’ve been hesitant about starting the series, because talking about marriage and my expectations can be such a sensitive area that I have slight issues of fear and vulnerability about sharing. However, knowing that shared perspectives and being transparent can be therapeutic to some and informative to others, it encourages me to keep typing. Especially, when I hear 25-year-olds complaining and worrying about how not being married yet is the end all be all, not fully understanding that marriage is the REAL DEAL. It’s not a joke. There are high ups and heavy downs. Changed personalities and circumstances can snatch one’s head out of the clouds pretty quickly. At the same time, marriage can be wrapped with beautiful bows of companionship and fulfillment.

    Knowing all of this…I still complain and worry, at times. Hey, I’m human. Between friends getting married every year and my mom calling me to jest about which of her friends’ children are getting married, I’ve definitely had my fall out on my bed, woe is me, “Lord, why is EVERYONE getting married, but me?!,” moments a time or two.  Between Aunties telling me that, “In Jesus name, you will get married this year,” (To whom?) and others telling me that “Chai, you’re too picky!” (I mean shouldn’t I be cautious…this is for the rest of my life)— I’ve definitely had my off days.

    But overall, I’m content. I get to hop on a plane to see a friend without having to run it by anyone. I can come home late and just eat popcorn for dinner without having to worry if anyone is properly fed. I can sleep-in till 10am (which is super late for me…considering I’m typing this post at 4:30am) and than do my pilates routine without interruption.  Every stage in life has its high ups and heavy downs. I’m learning to be content by realizing seasons come and go. It’s better to get the most out of every season instead of letting it pass by without any fulfillment in that state. I’m learning everyday.

    How do you stay content in your season?


    Found in Translation: Ajebutter


    Definition of Ajebutter

    “I know who you are?” “An Ajebutter.”


    I have been mistaken, yes — mistaken for an Ajebutter, one too many times.  I can’t remember when I first heard the term used on me, but I do remember one instance.  I was on a date (not really…I don’t believe in dating, but so you can visualize the scene…I was at dinner), sitting at a nice restaurant across from what appeared to be a cultured man who was sizing me over and said, “You are an Ajebutter.”

    Growing up in the US, I didn’t hear it often.  So unashamedly, I asked, “What?” “What does that mean?” He explained that it was a person who grow up pampered, privileged…to some spoilt.  But he didn’t say it in a negative way, he wanted to actually say I appeared prissy. LOL. That I can be at times, but I most certainly wasn’t born privileged or was I spoilt. Every time I heard the terms, I resented them…the people that spoke it and the terms themselves.  Because it discounted the late night work sessions, the endless note taking and tea drinking over life plans and strategies, the hours spent praying, fasting and studying my Word, so I could assure myself that I was staying in God’s will for my life. It got to a point where I complained to my pastor about my appearance of a charmed life even though my upbringing and constant grind was far from charmful. His answer? It’s the grace & favor of God over your life.

    I thought and pondered over what he said.  And realized, it’s the same grace & favor that sought out Esther from the other women and “pampered” her until she was positioned to save her people. So if God’s grace & favor makes me look “pampered,” that’s because I am and continue to be until my purpose is fulfilled. And I accept it.

    Are you pampered?


    Natural Hair Glossary

    When I first became natural, there were terms I didn’t know.  I did a LOT of research to figure out what products I should use, which techniques to try and how to combat natural hair dilemmas.  I read other naturalistas on various blogs speaking in — what seemed like natural hair code.  So, I wanted to put together a glossary for newbies and veteran naturals alike who, like me, are still learning new things (fairy knots?) about their natural hair journey.  This glossary is not exhaustive by any means, but intended to be an overview.

    1. Accordion Technique: A technique where you scrunch your hair in the palms of your hands from the ends of your hair to the root in an upward motion.

    2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): It is diluted with H2O and used as a hair rinse to clarify the scalp and help balance the hair’s PH value.

    3. Arm Pit Length (APL): When the length of your hair growth reaches to your arm pit.

    4. Ayurvedic Regimen: This regimen uses all natural Indian products to grow healthy natural hair. Products include Amla, Henna, Vatika, etc.

    5. Bagging: Deep conditioning with a shower cap or plastic bag.

    6. Bantu Knot-Out: A hairstyle achieved when hair is sectioned and twisted into a knot close to the scalp. It’s than unraveled after an extended period of time into a defined curly texture.

    7. Big Chop (BC): When the relaxed or chemically-treated hair is cut off from the natural new growth.

    8. Braid-Out: A hairstyle achieved when hair is braided in sections on wet or dry hair and is unraveled to reveal a defined curl pattern.

    9. Bra Strap Length : When the length of your hair growth reaches to your bra strap.

    10. Buds: The first stage of locks when a stub is formed as the beginning of each lock.

    11. Carrier Oils: Base oils often used to dilute essential oils when making or mixing hair products.  They are thicker, fatty oils that benefit the hair and scalp.  They include almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc.

    12. Cones (Silicones): An ingredient in some hair care products that do not dissolve in water and can produce build-up.

    13. Co-wash: A method of washing your hair with just conditioner.

    14. Deep Conditioning: A treatment used to add moisture back into the hair by leaving a moisturizing conditioner in the hair for an extended period of time.

    15. Denman Brush: A detangling brush developed by the Denman Company.

    16. Detangling: A process where you use specialized products and/or methods to loosen the hair of tangles and knots.

    17. Dusting: Lightly (1/4 inch) trimming the ends of your hair.

    18. Fairy Knots: Single-strand knots.

    19. Flat Twist: A hairstyle technique where you twist the hair flat to the head.

    20. Henna: A natural plant-based hair dye and strengthener.

    21. Latch Hooking: A method used to maintain locks by incorporating new growth into existing locks.

    22. Pineappling: A technique used to preserve your curls while sleeping. It is achieved by gathering the hair in a high loose ponytail on top of the head.

    23. Pre-poo: Any treatment used to moisturize the hair before shampooing.

    24. Product Junky: A person that buys an excessive amount of hair products in the hopes of finding the perfect one.

    25. Sealing: A technique used by first applying a water based moisturizer and than layering a butter, cream or oil over top to seal in the moisture.

    26. Shingling: A technique where a styling gel or curl cream is applied to soaking wet hair and than the hair is smoothen from root to ends by sections between the thumbs in a downward motion to exhibit your curl pattern.

    27. Slip: Describes how slippery a product will be when used for a moisturizer or detangler.

    28. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: A drying chemical found in most shampoos in which to avoid.

    29. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro): A very short afro. Typically the first stage after a BC.

    30. Twist-Out: A hairstyle achieved by two-strand twisting the hair usually while wet and unraveling the twist to reveal a defined curl pattern.

    31. Two-Strand Twist: A hairstyle achieved when a section of hair is divided into two equal sections and twisted around each other in a continuous motion until all the hair is twisted.

    32. Wash & Go: A method of washing the hair and adding a styling gel or cream to set the curl pattern and letting it air dry or dry with a diffuser.

    Read More. Learn More. Grow More:

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    Would you add anything?