20 Essentials For A Trip To Nigeria

20 Essentials For A Trip To Nigeria | Gidi & Pearls

1 // Effortless Bottoms – whether you prefer pants or skirts, you can’t go wrong with packing comfortable bottoms that won’t eventually stick to you, because of the heat.

2 // Effortless Dresses – a staple outfit choice, because, sometimes, the heat will encourage you to wear as few layers as possible. Also, there are some very conservative parts of Nigeria, especially in the north, so it would probably be better to bring dresses with sleeves to respect the culture.

3 // Large Tote Bag – this is essential for carrying along extra toiletries, snacks, water, etc., items you want to have on long road trips traveling from one state to another visiting family and friends.

4 // Favorite Hair Products – bringing travel size portions of your favorite hair products is essential, especially if you have natural hair and intend to wash your hair before getting braids. Even though, natural hair is now trendy in Nigeria, there are still a lot of products that aren’t readily available.

5 // Petite Cross Body Bag – it’s nice to have a cross body bag for excursions and market trips, it frees up your hands to grab those cute ankara fabrics and you can easily safeguard your Naira.

6 // Snacks – this may seem unnecessary, but when you’ve been stuffing your face with Amala and Egusi Soup for days, sometimes your taste buds may want to take a break from the complexity of flavors. Also, your own snacks are essential when you’ve been on the road for hours and eating road-side food isn’t an option for your sensitive stomach.

7 // Shower Shoes – not all bathrooms are created equal…let’s just leave it at that.

8 // Anti-Acid – when the spicy food has caught up to your digestive system, popping a few of these will be a relief.

9 // Effortless Blouses – pack no-fuss blouses you can quickly slip into that won’t cling to your moist body.

10 // Anti-bacterial Wipes – these golden gems will probably be the MVP of your trip. You will find yourself reaching for them to clean your hands before you eat, to ease yourself on the side of the road (…it happens), to sanitize objects, etc. Don’t go anywhere without them.

11 // Jeans – for the occasional evenings that may bring a refreshing breeze from the ports or ocean, since Lagos is surrounded by water.

12 // Sunscreen – sunscreen with a high SPF count is essential to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure.

13 // Sunglasses – not only is this essential for protecting your eyes from the sun, but it also helps to mask your annoyance when one “aunty” tries to match-make you with one local guy that is an usher at her church.

14 // Bug Repellant – this spray is going to be your best friend on the trip. It’s like the mosquitoes have been trained to detect foreign blood. Choose a natural deet-free option that is just as effective, but less harmful to you and the environment.

15 // Swimsuit – for the days you want to lounge around the pool at Transcorp Hilton.

16 // Effortless Shoes – packing comfortable shoes is essential for walking on both paved and unpaved roads.

17 // Perfume & Body Sprays – it is essential to bring an arsenal of sprays and scents, because the amount of sweating that will take place can become embarrassing and these will help to maintain your sweet feminine charm.

18 // Thong Sandals – for those inevitable “stuck in traffic” moments where you want to take off your shoes and prop up your feet, because it’s going to be a while.

19 // Portable Phone Charger – this is essential in situations when NEPA takes light the moment your Iphone battery gives you the 10% warning.

20 // Anti-Diarrhea Medicine – no matter how careful you are with what you eat, you may inevitably still get diarrhea, as a welcome back Yankee gift. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Bring some to shorten your trips to your uncle’s bathroom. Sorry, uncle.


What essentials would you bring?

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